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Recipe Name:Blanket Dogs
From the Kitchen of:Len Klakulak
Ingredients:1)Your favorite bread dough (homemade or pre-made)

2) 1 Cup Vegetable Oil

3) Enough Koegel Dogs to feed the crew!
Directions:I use pre-packaged bread dough to save time. Tear off pieces big enough to wrap the entire hot dog in, and roll them out. Wrap each dog and be sure to pinch closed well.

Heat oil in frying pan or skillet to about 300 and test with the first dog.
Cook until golden brown and flip to do the same for the other side. You don't want the grease to be to hot otherwise the "Blanket" will be doughy. give the dogs a few minutes to cool and serve warm.
Many thanks to Len of Mt Pleasant, MI, for submitting this Recipe!

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